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At Holistic Life Dentistry, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of dental care with a holistic approach.
We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and supporting your journey to optimal health.

Dr Jamie Pink Top Copy

DR. JAMIE Practicing Dental Wellness

After being conventionally trained and practicing for 11 years, her eyes were opened when she started to see all the toxicities present in teeth. When her son was born, she began researching holistic practices and products and found out how much better it is to work with the body vs. against it. After taking holistic dental courses, she began Holistic Life Dentistry and has loved healing patients without the need for root canals, fluoride, antibiotics or artificial dyes/flavors. Dr. Jamie loves being involved with her church, spending time with her son and being outdoors in the sunshine!

Ali Ali has been with HLD for many years and is our office manager

As Ali's three kids grew older, she sought a part-time opportunity. Not only did this align perfectly with her holistic lifestyle, but she also loves learning different health tips from numerous patients. When she's not in the office, Ali can be found working out, walking her dog Louie, playing pickleball with family and friends, or shopping for groceries (with three hungry teenagers and her husband to feed!). She especially loves Colorado's sunshine and sunsets.

Ali Denim
Lisa Head Shot

Lisa EDDA/Dental Assistant

Lisa is Dr. Jamie's assistant (AKA: her amazing wingwoman!) She is a Colorado native who resides in Lakewood. She is happily married to her wonderful husband and has four beautiful daughters! She is happiest being outdoors, hiking, camping, and paddleboarding. Most of all, she loves to travel with her family. She has worked as an expanded-duty dental assistant for 20 years and loves what she does! She is hoping to continue her education in holistic healing and Chinese medicine. Holistic living has always been a part of her, so once she found Holistic Life Dentistry, she knew this was where she belonged.

ksenia love
We had a wonderful experience with holistic life dentistry . They were wonderful to my son. He got his cavities fixed without being knocked out at age 6. No harmful materials . Overall just very good experience
Rebekah Brooks
Finally! A legit holistic dentist. I'm so grateful to have found Dr. Greear-Schmidt. She is fantastic and my whole family sees her. Highly recommend!
Terri Mccomis
My experience at holistic Life Dentistry is the best I've ever experienced with a dentist in 66 years. They are truly the best in dentistry, and they also consider every detail of keeping us healthy and safe. They are very skilled and do extra things for the best dental care that other dentist never do. I feel safe and comfortable with them. I highly recommend holistic Life Dentistry.
karen trickett
I highly recommend Holistic Life Dentistry. Dr. Jamie is kind, thorough, and has a very holistic approach in her practice, which is very in line with my life philosophy. Her staff is welcoming, friendly and warm, providing a relaxed, pleasant environment. I trust and appreciate Dr.Jamie and her staff!!!! They make “going to the dentist” a pleasure! *****
Coni White
WOW! This dentistry looks at your whole health and how it affects your mouth heath. I had the best cleaning, which was super gentile. The office staff is very friendly, all in a relaxing environment. I was given new information on mouth structure and root canals, which they offer ideas on healing. Lastly, I was given NEW information on truly healthy toothpaste, floss and brushes. They don't accept my insurance, but their rated for out of network are covered! I'm so happy to have a new trusted dentist for my family and friends.
R Knight
This is a very professional, well run and honest practice. They put a lot of emphasis on patient comfort and communicate well. Very pleased!
My tooth was sensitive to cold after mercury removal. Dr Jaime said nerve was inflamed & ground filling more & ozone shot& stop sensitivity!!! Yay
Cell phone police
I had a wonderful experience with this holistic dentist. The staff was friendly and welcoming. Jamie took the time to explain everything to me in detail, ensuring I understood all aspects of my treatment plan. They utilized natural and non-toxic practices, for my root canal extraction including ozone and blood platelets. I also appreciated their focus on overall health and wellness. I left feeling confident in my dental health and would highly recommend this practice to anyone seeking a holistic approach to their dental care.

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